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Fuel Tank Cleaning Chemicals

Fuel Tank Cleaner

In many cases the contamination aka "diesel sludge" settles to the bottom of a fuel tank. Diesel sludge is then picked up and clogs filters when the vehicle is fueled or when the vessel is in rough seas in a marine application. Once the sludge mass is off the bottom of the tank and in suspension, it is a problem. This problem will not go away without the correct plan of attack.
Technol 246 Super Sludge Dispersant

Technol® 246 Fuel Tank Cleaner

Technol® 246 Fuel Tank Cleaner and Sludge Dispersant is a diesel sludge dispersant that focuses on the sludge problem. It is not an additive that is blended to cover a myriad of problems. It has been specifically formulated with the use of non-metallic modifiers, solvents, and emulsifiers for problem tanks to remove and eliminate diesel sludge and keep the fuel system clean.

Technol® 246 Fuel Tank Cleaner breaks up sludge. Now in suspension, these small particles can pass harmlessly through filters and nozzles without plugging or doing damage.

Clean fuel will then have lower NOx, carbon monoxide, and particulate emissions. Black smoke from poor combustion is eliminated, biological growth in fuel is retarded, and an increase in fuel economy can be seen.

Sold in case quantities only.
8 oz. bottle will treat up to 275 gals where 1 gallon will treat up to 4,000 gallons.
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Item Price Buy Now
Technol 246 Fuel Tank Cleaner Dispersant - case of 12 - 8 oz bottles $159.00
Technol 246 Fuel Tank Cleaner Dispersant - 4 each 1 gallon containers with the self-contained tip and measure bottle. Treats 16,000 gallons. $310.00

Diesel Fuel Bug Killers

Microbicides kill bacteria and fungi that cause plugged filters and metal corrosion

Biobor JF microbicide

Biobor® JF

Benefits: Biobor® JF is a liquid fuel additive that combats fungus and other microtive life in hydrocarbon fuels, such as diesel and jet fuels, but is also effective in light oils and transmission fluid. Biobor® JF eliminates growth of harmful slime-producing fungi that clog filters and pipelines, attack rubber fuel system components and whose waste products aid in the corrosion of metal surfaces. Biobor® JF is simple to use and harmless to the wide variety of fuel system parts, top coatings, sealants and elastomeric materials tested. It does not adversely affect fuel performance in engines. Biobor® JF is an effective microbiocide because of its equilibrium solubility in both fuel and water under conditions of fuel storage.

Applications: Biobor® JF is used by a large number of aircraft manufacturers, airlines, marines, trucking fleets, railroads, bulk storage terminals, fuel suppliers and by other users of hydrocarbon fuels and oils exposed to the possibility of contamination by fungus and bacteria.

Treatment Procedures: If a system is badly contaminated, drain water bottoms. Water bottoms in storage tanks should be kept to a minimum. Good housekeeping is important in treating slime problems, but it is not a cure. Biobor® JF is used at 270 ppm in fuel to effect sterilization, and subsequently at 135 ppm to maintain fungus-free fuel. Ideally, Biobor® JF should be metered. However, in the absence of metering equipment, Biobor® JF may be manually batch-blended. If batch-blended, as in tank trucks or small aircraft wing tanks, Biobor® JF should be introduced while the tank is being filled and after the tank is approximately ½ full. This will ensure faster and more complete dispersion.

Container Sizes and Dosage Rates: Biobor® JF is available in 8 oz, and 16 oz. Easy Squeeze containers, designed to dispense the exact measure every time, along with one quart cans, 5 gal. pails and 55 gal. drums.

To calculate the number of ounces of  Biobor® JF needed for diesel fuel only multiply YOUR gallons of fuel x 7.08 and then x .004 for initial treatment then x .002 for maintenance treatments. Example 100 gallons of fuel x 7.08=708 x .004=2.83 ounces are needed  for initial shock treatment then half of that there after to maintain the tank.

Storage and Handling: All Biobor® JF containers must be kept closed from the atmosphere. Protect Biobor® JF from any water contamination. Biobor® JF is classified as a flammable and is shipped as a FLAMMABLE LIQUID N.O.S. (NAPHTHA) UN 1993, Class 3.3, PG III

Sold in full case quantities only. Made in USA.

Item Price Buy Now
Biobor® JF - 12 each 8 ounce bottles treats 6600 gallons of fuel $219.00 delivered
Biobor® JF - 6 each 32 ounce bottles treats 13,200 gallons of fuel $359.00 delivered
Biobor® JF - 4 each 1 gallon jugs.
1 gallon treats 8700 gallons of fuel for maintenance. Requires two gallons for initial shock.
$675.00 delivered
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