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Dieselcraft manufactures and resells quality products to assist in engine and waste oil cleaning and diesel fuel polishing. Inline Engine Oil Cleaning Centrifuges: Clean your oil as you operate your vehicle. Oil Centrifuges: for Waste Vegetable Oil, Motor Oil, and Biodiesel. Diesel Fuel Polishing Systems: Remove over 95% of Water and Large Contamination. Diesel Fuel Purification Systems: For Increased Power and Up to 5% More MPG. Fuel Products: Condition, Test, and Monitor Your Diesel Fuel. Thousands of satisfied customers won't dispute that Dieselcraft makes the best oil cleaning centrifuge!
RV - Boat - Loader - Semi - Pickup - oil cleaning centrifuges for a variety of diesel and gasoline engine applications.

Solutions for a Variety of Applications

Dieselcraft oil cleaning centrifuges can be used on a wide variety of gasoline or diesel engines in any application:

  • pick up trucks
  • semis
  • gen sets
  • dozers
  • RVs
  • loaders
  • boats
  • and more...

We have centrifuges to clean engine oil, waste vegetable oil, waste motor oil, and biodiesel, plus complete waste oil cleaning systems, and continuous flow centrifuges.

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Oil Change

By-pass Oil Filtration for Engines

Dieselcraft engine oil centrifuges like the OC-25 and Magnum 180AP provide ten times more cleaning power than the standard oil filter removing particles of 1 micron in size or smaller. Filters allow 20% of contaminant particles larger than 25 microns to flow through. Particles larger than 4 microns cause 77% of engine wear. Our centrifuges remove these dirt and wear particles from the oil flow altogether while your engine runs. Save money with the Dieselcraft OC-25 Centrifuge:

  • Less Engine Wear, so your engine lasts longer
  • Extended oil change intervals - double or triple the time - means fewer oil changes and reduced filter costs
  • Reduced oil disposal costs

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Fuel Costs

Dirty or Contaminated Fuel?

All aspects of diesel fuel production, transportation, and storage are subject to problems related to the presence of microorganisms. The #1 cause is water. Ever so small amounts of water cause the problem to start. To get it to stop you need to talk to the experts.


Do nothing and you are losing money in either engine performance and maintenance costs or if you sell fuel you are contaminating your customers systems and turning a good product bad very fast.

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Dieselcraft Featured Products
OC-25 Oil Cleaning Centrifuge
Inline Engine Oil Cleaning for diesel and gasoline engine applications with 12-24 volt power. Remove contaminant particles smaller than 1 micron in size, and save on engine wear.
Dual-Stage Diesel Fuel Purification System
A two-stage fuel treatment system to get increased power and up to 5% more MPG as well as decreased smoke and decreased clogged fuel filters.
CFC 1000 Continuous Flow Centrifuge
Single pass with self cleaning bowl. Rated for continuous duty. Run unattended 24/7.
Oil Processing Systems
Clean waste and/or virgin vegetable oil, used motor oil, or Biodiesel in the wash process.
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